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T H WHITE offers Carbon Trust Capital Contribution Fund for Solar PV installations

by T H WHITE on August 1, 2018

T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security has been awarded prestigious Carbon Trust Certification which recognises excellence in providing energy technology to businesses, helping them to reduce their overheads and carbon emissions. Specifically, the award results from the company’s extensive experience in providing solar PV for commercial and agricultural premises.

Achievement of the award involved a rigorous technical assessment and means that not only is T H WHITE now recognised officially for its special area of expertise, but it also means the company can offer special funding to clients interested in installing solar PV.

The new funding is called a capital contribution. Qualifying companies can access up to £5,000 towards a solar PV project and can be used in addition to the feed-in tariff. To help clients qualify we can assist with applications provided that they meet specific criteria and are classified under the scheme as an SME.

There are some forms to fill in – we require copies of your energy bills – and the application is then submitted for approval prior to start of works. The capital contribution is paid once you receive a commissioning certificate from us.

If you have a project in mind or one you have been thinking about which didn’t stack up before, then it may be worth looking at the numbers again. Please give us a call on 01380 726656 or email energy@thwhite.co.uk for more information.

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T H WHITET H WHITE offers Carbon Trust Capital Contribution Fund for Solar PV installations