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Ski Centre Chooses Honda and Logic!

by T H WHITE on August 1, 2018

Tim Rochfort from our Toddington branch was recently contacted by Elliot Gregory at the Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre – a premier dry ski slope, renowned for the pleasure it has given to skiers of all abilities over the last forty years.

Elliot’s request was to replace his unreliable old quad bike with something more professional which he could also use to cut and manage the grass surrounding the dry ski slope, a job he had been doing by hand with a Flymo!

Tim took two Honda ATV models for Elliot to try. After the ‘hands-on’ experience he went for a new Honda TRX500FM6 Foreman which offers the grip and power he needs, light, power steering and outstanding reliability. To meet Elliot’s mowing challenge a new Logic TRM120 rotary mower was also delivered. This is towed behind the Honda and will help to keep the grass under control.

The Honda  plays an important daily role providing transport with a trailer up and down the slopes to carry out essential maintenance. Health and Safety is taken very and all the users have arranged to attend an ATV Operator training course, also purchasing ATV safety helmets!

Elliot has been delighted so far with performance of his new ATV and mower and is also pleased with the finish and improved look of the Ski Centre. It’s another example of the many applications in which Honda ATVs excel, combining with Logic accessories to deliver a durable and reliable work package.

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T H WHITESki Centre Chooses Honda and Logic!