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GKB for the Environmentally Conscious

by T H WHITE on April 26, 2023

We introduced the GKB Machines range last Autumn with their newly released sustainable Leaf Reducer but that’s not all there is to shout about within this innovative range – GKB’s top dressers have a lot to offer too.

Available in either trailed or mounted options, the 7 models in the Sandspreader range cater for 2-12m working widths and bunkers of 4m3 /141ft3 flat filled. The benefits of frequent top dressing are well documented and a sturdy top dresser, like the GKB Sandspreader, is therefore indispensable to a greenkeeper or turf manager alike.

The robust build, perfect stability and weight dispersion, combined with adjustable conveyor belt speed and adjustable spreading discs all result in an incredibly efficient discharge of sand. A whole host of optional extras are also available with this machine including a central control touch screen for tractors, swinging wheel sets and lockable hydraulic valves. The SPM model can also accommodate discharge belts for quick filling of bunkers. Standard three point coupling or electric drawbar make connecting the trailed unit super easy and bespoke solutions can be undertaken to fit Sandspreaders on various brands of turf truck.

If you are after an environmentally friendly dresser look no further than the GKB EcoDresser – a 3-in-1 maintenance machine that evens out terrain, aerates and spreads dressing soil from the existing top layer – thus offering a more sustainable alternative. These tasks in combination with the nutrient-rich material placed on top all ensure a greatly improved quality of surface.  In addition, loosening the soil eliminates weeds in the top layer creating improved surface appearance and enhanced conditions for overseeding.

The EcoDresser will save purchase costs for sand, but also offer benefits to the environment. Not only do you not have to bring in sand but you also prevent introducing pollution or extra weed seeds from purchased sand batches.  Natural application eliminates the need for pesticides, controlling weeds by mechanical means.

GKB Ecodresser

With working widths from 130cm to 240cms, milling knives, field teeth and spring-loaded coulters to prevent stone damage, the EcoDresser spec is impressive – completed by an optional stone sieve, collecting tray and conveyor belt option for spreading the top layer elsewhere.

GKB is a 3rd generation family business based in the Netherlands with a strong focus on sustainability through an energy neutral manufacturing process.  They put the worker at the centre of their innovation acknowledging the comfort of operation and pride in the finish from operators across the sector.

Their Leaf Reducer and Topdressers are complemented by a wide range of innovative forward thinking solutions for natural, synthetic and hybrid turf – all at a surprisingly affordable price – speak to your Groundcare representative today to learn more.

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T H WHITEGKB for the Environmentally Conscious