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A year on for Matt

by T H WHITE on April 27, 2023

Get to know Matt FullerMatt Fuller reflects on his first year with T H WHITE

We checked in with Matt Fuller who joined the T H WHITE Groundcare team a year ago to see how his first year with us has been.  Matt came to us with a machinery background having grown up on a farm, and then pursuing a career in the groundcare sector rising to sales manager for a garden and estates machinery company.  He’s based from our Stockbridge branch and covers sales across Surrey.

So Matt, what has been the highlight of your first year with us?

“Opening doors that are generally closed to most people. I’ve seen some phenomenal and exclusive places, and sadly I can’t tell you much more about them!  It fascinating to see the exacting standards of some of the best golf and polo venues – that has been a real eye-opener too.  Coming from selling smaller machines and getting involved with big machines is a lot more fun!”

What has been your biggest learning experience?

“Patience is key when it comes to the big machines and big decisions.  In garden-machinery, customers make decisions in minutes. In ground care however, we might wait months for a verdict.”

Which sale has made you most proud?

“I recently sold a Wessex RMX500 G2 to the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.  We delivered the machine within two days of the sale, and they had never bought from us before. I especially enjoy gaining new customers.”

Which machinery brands do you rate and why?

“Oh there’s certainly a lot to pick, and I wouldn’t want to make anyone feel left out!  If I had to pick two, I’d pick Ventrac and Jacobsen.  Ventrac offer something no one else can offer.  Nothing really comes close, and Jacobsen’s latest Lithium machines are seriously impressive. It’s nice to be able to offer a machine that’s right at the forefront of technology like the Jacobsen Eclipse 360 Elite and the Jacobsen SLF1 Elite.”

Your previous role saw you involved in many aspects including service and marketing – do you keep your hand in with these skills?

“I do! I feel that our industry is under-represented in social media, and I really enjoy the creative process. I hope that the videos I make can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their interest in the industry.  I’m not in the workshops any more – I do miss welding!”

Finally, what single piece of advice would you give a new T H WHITE Groundcare rep joining the team?

“There is no substitute for meeting people in person.  One face-to-face meeting is worth more than 100 emails or calls.  Get out there and meet people.  Your days will fly by, and you’ll become memorable: people buy from people.”

Thanks for your time Matt.  Here’s to another successful year with us.  To learn more about the wide range of premium machinery brands T H WHITE offers to golf clubs, recreation spaces, councils and more, give Matt a call on 07917 172861.


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T H WHITEA year on for Matt