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0% on New Holland Construction units – reserve yours now!

by T H WHITE on August 1, 2022

New Holland Construction Range Line-up


Our New Holland Construction order is about to land and these units will be available 0% finance and up to 5 years extended warranty.   So if you are in the market for a new range compact excavator, backhoe, skid steer or wheeled loader,  T H WHITE is the place to be.

We will have a wide selection of New Holland’s brand new compact excavators from the E17C through to the E37C.  This new range sports 15 models in the 1-6 tonne range and a further 6 in the 7-10 tonne range providing zero tail and short radius options.  From two-piece boom to cab tilting for easy servicing, a unique lockable smart tank and single self-supporting capacity for ease of lifting, it boasts some nifty new features that place New Holland firmly in the choice set.

 Call our Construction specialists today to take a look up close and make sure you’ve reserved the model you would like – Steve Clucas-Tomlinson 07860 593339 or Charlie Rabbits 07775 684876.


T H WHITE0% on New Holland Construction units – reserve yours now!