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Manitou’s perfect partners in a tight spot

by T H WHITE on January 26, 2022

As building contractors have to work in ever-tighter spaces there is a growing demand for machines which are more compact without sacrificing lift height or lifting capacity. Manitou has risen to the challenge with its new MT730 and MT930 telehandlers which are just 2m wide and 2m tall – small enough to fit through a domestic garage door – but still capable of lifting 3 tonnes to 7m or 9m respectively.

A powerful 75hp Kubota Stage V engine is paired with 25kph hydrostatic transmission. There are three steering modes – 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer and ‘crab’, while 34.5cm ground clearance and a 3.33m turning radius equip these machines for all terrain and the tightest of spaces.

Achieving extremely low running costs has always been a priority for the Manitou designers and the MT730/MT930 can be fitted with a new stop-start system which can be programmed to operate when the engine has been idling for anything from 1 minute to 30 minutes. The reduction in idling time minimises wear and noise, as well as prolonging intervals between DPF regeneration. The need to change hydraulic oil can also be more strictly controlled, thanks to easy access points for collecting oil samples for analysis.

To complement the new telehandlers Manitou has also introduced two new attachments – a 2m narrow bucket dedicated to heavy bulk, or folding forks, both of which contribute to the ability to work in the most confined spaces. For transport both models also have a new floating fork carriage that folds back the forks, reducing the length to just 4.67m.

Take a walk around the new models with this video:

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T H WHITEManitou’s perfect partners in a tight spot