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by T H WHITE on February 1, 2018

In January we installed a new smart meter at the Energy, Fire and Security HQ in Devizes which monitors both the solar energy we generate and the power we use in real time.

The beauty of the device is that it’s really easy to use. We have connected it to our supply and generation and can view the information on a web portal and on a display in our reception. Now that we can view generation and consumption alongside each other we are able to see just how self-sufficient we are with our new 248kwp system. It is already showing that on many days in the year – even in the winter – we are 100 per cent self-sufficient.

The data is presented in clear, easy-to-understand graphics which show exactly how much power is being generated and used, either from solar or the grid, thus providing a measure of how self-sufficient we are at any time.

These smart meters are now available to all T H WHITE Energy customers – if you are a real expert you can also attach a pyranometer to monitor the available sunlight and compare that to the amount of energy being generated.

The data provided can also build up a picture of what benefit you might be able to obtain from adding a battery to store power for use when you need it. This could help some owners of solar installations to make the transition from being partly self-sufficient to 100 per cent self-sufficient, or at least make better use of solar energy to cut your bills!

We are now able to offer this device to customers who either already have a solar energy installation, or those who are considering either solar or battery solutions for their properties. For a quote based on your specific requirements, please email energy@thwhite.co.uk or call 01380 726656.

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