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by T H WHITE on November 1, 2018

Amazone has launched a completely new design of self-propelled mower in its Profihopper range, the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine.

Featuring an updated hydrostatic drive system, it is available in two models: the iDrive with front-wheel drive, or the 4WDi with all-wheel drive capability making it ideal even for the most difficult working conditions.

The compact design provides zero turn for greater manoeuvrability and safety on any terrain and on slopes. With its 1.25m wide, out-front mowing unit, the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine provides an excellent cut in both short and long grass.

Both models are equipped with the SmartCut precision cutting rotor, which has a chevron-shaped blade arrangement for improved cutting and pick-up quality. The robust PowerCompactor auger conveyor system incorporates both a longitudinal and a transverse auger. With a diameter of 150mm, the longitudinal auger has a particularly high conveying capacity which enables the Profihopper to have higher conveying rates, and thus forward speeds, even in long grass.

Grass cuttings are compacted immediately after being picked up by the PowerCompactor system and force-fed into the 730-litre collecting hopper which can hold more than 1,000 litres of uncompressed grass. Less time is thus spent emptying the hopper, increasing productivity. Simple unloading into high-sided transport vehicles is also possible by utilising the Profihopper’s hydraulic high-tip emptying at 2.10 metres.
The Profihopper 1250 SmartLine is ideal for mowing, mulching, scarifying or collecting and can accommodate wide variations in cutting height, weather and vegetation conditions. The mulch flap is inserted for cutting and dropping, ensuring the grass is evenly distributed over the mown area so that important nutrients are returned to the soil. The scarifying blades can be mounted quickly and without tools. Scarifying improves the exchange of light, air, water and nutrients, resulting in a substantial improvement in soil structure.

Even picking up cans, paper and other rubbish is no problem for the Profihopper. The ability to mow, mulch, scarify or collect leaves in one operation saves valuable time.

Find out more about this latest, versatile Profihopper, or book a demo at any T H WHITE Groundcare branch.

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