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Ohashi ES151GH 6inch

Ohashi Revolutionises the UK Hire Market with Compact Tracked Chippers

by T H WHITE on January 22, 2024

Ohashi, a renowned manufacturer founded in Japan in 1988, has exclusively appointed T H WHITE Machinery Imports as the sole importer and distributor for its compact chippers in the UK. With substantial sales success in France, Germany, and Italy over the past four years, these compact chippers, boasting timber capacity ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches, are anticipated to gain popularity in the UK hire market.

Leading the lineup is the Ohashi ES151GH, the only compact tracked 6-inch woodchipper in the market.

Key features of the ES151GH highlight its position as the most powerful compact chipper in its class. While other compact, mobile chippers with automatic infeed exist, none match the ES151GH’s ability to chip wood up to 15cm in diameter, combined with its exceptional compact design. With a width of 730mm, the ES151GH’s high manoeuvrability ensures access to various job sites without the need for extensive labour in carrying green clippings or timber.

Moreover, the ES151GH consistently produces uniformly sized woodchips typically associated with larger 35hp woodchippers. With the power to perform, this chipper minimizes the need to transport chips for disposal, as customers often prefer using the woodchips as ground cover in their gardens to inhibit weed growth.

Ohashi revolutionises the approach to work – no longer do you need to transport wood to the chipper; you can effortlessly take the chipper to the wood.

The Ohashi compact chippers provide operational efficiency and safety, but also provide numerous benefits to the hire market. These include increased site accessibility, reduced labour costs and the ability to deliver consistently high-quality woodchips. This revolutionary approach empowers businesses in the hire market to elevate their chipper capabilities and meet the growing demands of their customers.

We’ll be showcasing Ohashi at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry on the 14th and 15th February. Visit us on stand A46 to see it in person and schedule demo.


Explore our website at Ohashi.co.uk, or contact one of our Area Sales Managers:

Southern & South East England
Ocin Erwee
07968 424032

Hampshire, Surrey & London
Craig Winch
07485 303487

Midlands, East England & North Wales
Stuart Winwood
07483 037717

South West England & South Wales
Laurence White
07767 671960

Scotland, NI, ROI & Northern England
Douglas Jeffrey
07881 503456

T H WHITEOhashi Revolutionises the UK Hire Market with Compact Tracked Chippers

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