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Jensen A425 PTO Biomass Chipper: Sustainable Biomass Solution

by T H WHITE on February 13, 2024

Prioritising Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture

Turners Puddle Farm, situated near Bere Regis, is an innovative agricultural enterprise that prioritises sustainable practices and has been dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the operation and improving energy efficiency. One of the key initiatives implemented by the farm is the use of a biomass boiler system, which has been in place since 2014. This system relies on wood collected from the farm’s extensive 350 acres of woodland and heathland managed by Mike Shrimpton, eliminating the need for fossil fuels to heat the eight properties on the farm.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Biomass Boiler Maintenance

To effectively maintain the biomass boiler system, Mike needed a reliable and efficient PTO (Power Take-Off) biomass chipper that could produce the appropriate chip size for optimal performance in the biomass boilers. Additionally, the chipper needed to be versatile enough to handle various tree types and sizes, while ensuring sustainable land management practices as the farm has been awarded a deforestation license to return the land back to the heathland, whilst also planting trees in other areas to help maintain the deciduous woodland.

Jensen’s A425 Chipper Customisation for Optimal Performance

After careful consideration and evaluation, Mike selected Jensen as the supplier for his PTO biomass chipper. Jensen’s A425 model was chosen due to its ability to generate the desired G30-sized chips, which were ideal for biomass boilers. A key advantage of choosing Jensen was their ability to customise the machine according to specific requirements.

Superior Results and Environmental Benefits

To validate the selection, Mike compared the performance of Jensen’s chipper with a competitor’s machine. After assessment, it was evident that Jensen’s chipper consistently delivered a superior chip size, and according to Mike “it even outperformed the quality provided by the crane-fed chipping contractor” that he hires once a year to split and chip the larger, felled trees. The Jensen A425 is also able to chip the whole tree ensuring waste is kept to a minimum which reinforced Mike’s decision to opt for a Jensen.

Cost Efficiency and Versatility Amplified

By opting for a PTO machine over a trailed or tracked machine, Mike was able to keep costs down while maintaining flexibility in usage. The ability to use a tractor for operations across the forest/estate also improved accessibility. Jensen’s solutions offered versatility and customisation, ensuring the chipper could handle a range of tree sizes and types, including the removal of pine, silver birch, and oak saplings to restore the heathland.

A Sustainable Future Through Collaboration

Through the partnership with Jensen, Turners Puddle Farm successfully implemented a sustainable and efficient biomass chipper solution. The combination of Mike’s commitment to green credentials and Jensen’s expertise in providing customised solutions resulted in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly system for heating the farm’s properties. Moreover, by being awarded a deforestation license to remove pine, silver birch, and oak saplings and restore the heathland, Mike and the farm demonstrated their commitment to land preservation and sustainable land management practices.

If you’d like to find out more about Jensen’s range of chippers, get in touch. Or visit our website: www.jensenchippers.co.uk

T H WHITEJensen A425 PTO Biomass Chipper: Sustainable Biomass Solution

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