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TRANSMISSION – and we are not talking about Covid…

by T H WHITE on August 3, 2021

Mention the subject of transmission these days and you can easily unsettle people, but transmission of a different kind has been a challenging subject for years.

We are, of course, talking tractor transmission. Long gone are the days when the tractor driver had to spend long and frustrating shifts in the cab wrestling with levers and clutches. Probably more than any other tractor manufacturer, New Holland has developed a suite of transmissions to suit a wide range of preferences and applications, also balancing comfort, productivity and economy.  

Take New Holland’s outstanding all-rounder, the T5. This adaptable tractor is available with Electro Command, Dynamic Command or Utility transmissions, but what does each one mean, and which is right for you?

The Electro Command model provides semi-powershift transmission, allowing selection of eight gear speeds, engaged by up and downshift buttons on the control lever, plus a direct drive 17th gear for reduced engine speed and enhanced fuel consumption.

The new Dynamic Command transmission is one of the most pleasant to use that you can buy on the market today. This dual clutch transmission offers semi-power shift automotive style gear changes, which can be driven in manual or automatic modes. 

If you favour a simpler approach, the T5 Utility tractor comes with three transmission options:

  1. T5 Utility Mechanical shuttle – a basic mechanical option of 12 forward and 12 reverse gears (12×12) using the clutch pedal to change direction.
  2. T5 Utility Power shuttle – also a basic 12×12 transmission but the difference is you can change direction without the use of the clutch pedal due to the ‘powershuttle’.
  3. T5 Utility Dual Command – is the top of the range Utility offering, comprising 24×24 transmission with a power shuttle as standard.

Don’t worry if you are still baffled! The bottom line is that New Holland has worked hard to ensure that you can have a T5 tractor with exactly the right transmission for the tasks and usage that you need it for. Your T H WHITE Agriculture rep has spent a long time undergoing training on aspects like this so that you don’t have to. He will talk to you, delve into your type of farming and recommend the model / transmission combination that will deliver productivity, economy and comfort, based on your unique farming profile.

Talk to your T H WHITE rep today!

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T H WHITETRANSMISSION – and we are not talking about Covid…