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It’s in the family!

by T H WHITE on August 3, 2021

Retired publican John Taylor from Barnstaple in North Devon knows a thing or two about keeping grass trim and tidy. With a property covering around 15 acres, he takes ground maintenance seriously:

“I used to use a tractor and topper, but when I was visiting the USA I saw Ferris mowers in action and was seriously impressed. Like almost everything, the areas over there that need to be mown tend to be BIG and Ferris has designed machines that not only take large grounds in their stride, but are also built to last and are extremely comfortable.”

John purchased his first Ferris mower – an IS®5000 – in 2000 to replace his tractor and topper, and in turn he replaced that after 12 years with a pre-owned Ferris IS®5100 with 1,400 hours on the clock. “A lot of people probably think it’s odd for a domestic user to buy commercial mowers but the fact that Ferris machines last so long, even when used intensively, proves the point,” he adds. “I bought a new Ferris IS®5100 in 2020 from Lee Hatter at A Symons in South Molton and went back to him this year for a new Ferris IS®2100 for my wife and son to use.

“One of the best things about the Ferris ride-on mowers is the independent suspension. It soaks up the bumps no matter how rough the ground, always keeping you comfortable, but also allowing the mowing deck to ‘float’ as each wheel moves up and down with the ground contours. The ample width cutting decks mean you can cover the ground quickly and ‘Zero Turn’ makes it easy to get right into corners and mow accurately.”

Lee Hatter is delighted that Mr Taylor is so pleased with his Ferris mowers: “I like to think I look after my customers well,” he says, “ but it’s also true to say that Mr Taylor looks after me very well, especially as he brews his own cider!”

Ferris mowers are imported from the USA by T H WHITE Machinery Imports. To discover more and find an authorised dealer, visit www.ferrismowers.co.uk

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T H WHITEIt’s in the family!