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by T H WHITE on October 1, 2020

Key requirements for the busy woodchipping season are performance, power and safety at all times. You need to be able to process large amounts of timber and brash quickly and safely in any location and get the job done. Jensen – the original woodchipper manufacturer – has the answers.

The Jensen A530 petrol woodchipper is one of the most popular machines on the market today. Designed and manufactured in Germany for a quality build, the 6” A530 can process up to 15m3/h of timber, its powerful 35hp engine delivering power and efficiency. The petrol-powered machine also ensures less pollution and emissions, a recognised benefit not just for the environment but for those needing to work in clean air zones or tendering for projects where diesel machinery is unfavourable.

Launched in the 2019 season, the new A530 turntable woodchipper adds a new dimension to the already popular machine. The turntable allows the unit to be turned  up to 270 degrees, enabling users to load the woodchipper from a range of angles around the machine and directly from the verge, not only saving time and effort, but ensuring improved safety for both the operators and any members of the public in the vicinity. The 270-degree rotating chute also means that users can fully configure the input and output directions for maximum efficiency and safety.

Available as a road-towable woodchipper, the new Jensen A530 turntable can be transported easily behind the operator’s vehicle, while its galvanised steel chassis guarantees reduced maintenance, outstanding resistance to damage, corrosion and wear, as well as significantly extending life expectancy compared to other woodchipper brands.

Additional benefits include electronic safety sensors fitted as standard, comprehensive toolkit fitted to the machine, built-in control box to record hours and servicing intervals, and integral storage box.

The Jensen A530 and full range of larger Jensen woodchippers is available to demo and buy from dedicated Jensen dealers across the UK. Visit www.jensenchippers.co.uk to find your nearest dealer and arrange your demonstration today.

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