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Experience the T H WHITE Difference

by T H WHITE on August 2, 2023

Experience the T H WHITE Difference: putting the customer first since 1832

As the official dealer of multiple brands T H WHITE specialises in supplying and maintaining high quality equipment backed by expert knowledge, reliable service and support.

But so do many dealers – so what is the T H WHITE difference?

We understand that every machinery purchase is unique. Our manufacturer-trained technical staff have years of expertise in specifying machinery needs, making them best placed to create a solution that’s perfectly suited to you.  So here’s how we go about assisting you to achieve the best solutions:

First we conduct a fact-find

1: THE NEED Let’s take the example of a tractor sale. Our experienced sales team will begin with a discussion to understand your needs. We will establish what you plan to do with your piece of machinery, how frequently it will be used and for what type of work. You may want it for ploughing, road work, loading, deep or shallow cultivation, baling, harvesting, or PTO.   Whatever the need, we’ll tailor the solution.

2: PRODUCTIVITY We then ask you how much use this product is likely to get. This is critical to ensure we recommend the correct model to meet the demands of your tasks and ensure it lasts for the life-span you specify before you consider an upgrade. We will also ask you how long you need to run this equipment for. A typical lifespan may range from 3-5 years and this, combined with the expected hours, will help us determine the requirement for care and maintenance.

3: FUNCTIONALITY Next we’ll explore the functionality you require. Do you wish to drill, lift, harrow, rake, mow, bale or something else?

All these choices and preferences will enable our specialists to ensure you end up with exactly the right kit for your requirements. We don’t want you to buy more than you need, but equally we want you to be confident that your machinery is ready for what you expect of it.  And we don’t stop there…  We make sure you are aware of all the options available to you.  We aren’t into hard selling, just allowing you to make informed decisions that help you get the best from your machinery.

Explore Optional Extras

We check you’ve considered your comfort needs? If you have indicated a 2,000 hour yearly use you will be looking for comfortable, possibly heated seating, enhanced suspension and technology access for the extended time spent in your cab. We will discuss your lighting requirements should you need to work from dusk to dawn and we’ll ensure you have the necessary supply spools for oil, hydraulics etc. We will talk you through precision farming tools to ensure you are optimising your equipment’s productivity, as well as telematics technology to allow monitoring of service requirements.

We’ll also examine the security of your equipment, ensuring you understand the risks and can make informed decisions about whether you wish to purchase security features. You can rest assured that we won’t discuss options that aren’t relevant to the needs you have disclosed. T H WHITE has spent almost two centuries building relationships.  For us it’s not about the short term – our whole philosophy revolves around working with you to help you build and sustain your business no matter what challenges may occur along the way. By working with you in the long-term, we want to be there alongside you to look after your equipment for its – and your – lifetime, to help you get the most from your planned activities.

This is how we have served the generations we have worked with, and will continue to do so. With the fact find complete, we are ready to discuss the right purchase route for you.

Find the Purchase Route That’s Right for You

There are various routes available allowing you to buy outright, lease or contract hire.  You may want to buy at today’s cost with tomorrow’s income, to have no risk of interest rate rises, offset a rental against tax or to claim a capital tax allowance.  Your sales representative can discuss the various financial pathways available to you which you may also wish to discuss with your financial advisor.  Depending on the time of year and your company’s year end, it may alter the decision you make due to the tax treatment – be that tax through VAT, Capital Allowances or Income/Corporate Tax.

Although T H WHITE does not provide financial advice, our sales specialists will happily provide information on tax implications but we also strongly advise a conversation with your accountant to advise on the best approach for your individual circumstances. All our sales representatives are manufacturer-trained to ensure they have comprehensive knowledge of all the options available to meet specific challenges

Discuss Cover/Liability Needs & Service Contracts

From the machinery use and desired length of ownership we now tailor your purchase to your exact goals by determining your liability needs. Ideally this liability cover should align with the period of ownership (the Contract Period). Most equipment we provide comes with a ONE year full manufacturer’s warranty. There are then various manufacturer dedicated programmes designed to give you complete and long-lasting peace of mind by providing servicing and extended cover for additional years (often up to 5 years). Such plans give you maximum control over your operating costs,  fixed payments and no additional outlay for breakdowns or failures ensuring minimum downtime to your business. These transferable programmes can be passed between owners and offer professional support including high quality repairs by fully trained technicians, express parts and a specialist support centre – all creating a higher residual value for your machinery and  strengthening your resale opportunities.

Tailored Service Contract

The final step is to work through a tailored service contract. We help you understand that warranty cover is only valid when supported by a regularly serviced and maintained piece of equipment and that if no extended cover is taken the costs of failure (even a day outside of warranty) are your complete responsibility. Manufacturers often include extended cover free of charge on condition that a service contract is in place, so it’s well worth taking a service contract in order to benefit from this.  This is exactly why we are on hand with competitive options to extend your protection and service your machinery. Here again we offer various options and payment paths to make the process easy for you, from pay up front, monthly standing order, monthly invoice (all benefiting from fixed labour charges) or pay as you go.

We truly understand every purchase is unique.  Trust the T H WHITE difference to make your purchase the right one.


All content is correct at the time of publishing. Specific product availability, special offers and the provision of services are subject to change and withdrawal at any time.

T H WHITEExperience the T H WHITE Difference

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