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by T H WHITE on September 14, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, TV car guru Jeremy Clarkson wrote a review in the Sunday Times of the newest addition to the Alfa family – the All-New Alfa Romeo Giulia. He lavished praise on the new sports saloon, saying that he has been waiting three decades for an Italian beauty like this.

“This car, this four-door saloon, which is priced to take on BMW’s 155mph M3, has a top speed of 191mph. That’s possible because of the Alfa’s smooth and magnificently sonorous 2.9-litre V6 turbo engine.”

Its 503bhp delivers performance which, in Clarkson’s words, means that “you need to be careful when you are fishing, because, God this car is quick.” Indeed, compared to one of its main rivals, the BMW M3 which has 425bhp, this Italian machine is a real roadrunner.

Clarkson adds that the All-New Alfa Romeo Giulia is “an absolute joy to ride. The steering is fast – there are only two turns lock-to-lock, which means you need almost no input at all to go round a roundabout. And on a sweeping A-road you can steer, really, by thought.”

Clarkson even compares the All-New Alfa Romeo Giulia to the Ferrari 485 Speciale; “It’s not just the big flappy paddles that are fixed to the column, as they should be, or the moving spoiler at the front; it’s the whole DNA of the car. If Ferrari made a mid-sized, four-door car, you suspect it would feel and go exactly like this”.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has also been acclaimed for its gorgeous lines and comfort. “It’s so comfortable,” said Clarkson, “that after a three-hour schlepp to Wales, I got out – after a bit of a struggle, I admit – and felt as though I’d just popped to the shops.

“What I’m saying here, in this straight, no-cocking-about road test, is that Alfa Romeo has made a car dynamically better than the BMW. And it has. It really has. This is Iceland beating England. And I couldn’t be more pleased.”

l Prices for the All-New Alfa Romeo Giulia start at £29,180 for the 200hp 2.0 Petrol Turbo model, and £30,750 for the Giulia Super 2.2 JTDM-2 150hp diesel.

There are five trim levels and 13 exterior colour options, with a choice of four engines.

Best of all, it’s at T H WHITE Fiat Group Brand Centre in Swindon NOW, so come down to our showroom or visit our website at www.motors.thwhite.co.uk to take a look and book a test drive.

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