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Chipping for charity

by T H WHITE on February 1, 2019

For the second year running Jensen woodchippers have supported a charity fundraising activity which to date has raised over £40,000.

Dorothy House, a charity which provides end of life care and support for patients with terminal illnesses across Wiltshire and North East Somerset, joined forces with Wiltshire College to operate a Christmas tree collection and recycling scheme. Volunteers collected more than 2,500 trees, 300 of which were delivered to the college’s Lackham campus where a Jensen A540 woodchipper was on hand to reduce them for recycling.

With its powerful feed roller grip, wide hopper and 8-inch chipping capacity, the Jensen A440 made light work of even the bulkiest trees while students were able to learn safe techniques for chipper operation.

Phil Nicholls, gardener at Lackham, said: “We’ve filled almost two trailers with chippings now, all to be reused around the Lackham site. This is a great opportunity to help the charity and ensure that all of these trees have a chance to be recycled where they may have otherwise ended up in landfill.”

Jensen UK Business Manager, Bill Johnston said “Not only are we assisting Dorothy House in their efforts to recycle the trees, but we are giving Lackham students valuable experience with woodchippers, also guaranteeing that the trees don’t go to waste. Everybody wins!”

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T H WHITEChipping for charity