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by T H WHITE on March 2, 2020

Taking place at the end of January each year, one of the largest turf management exhibitions – BTME – welcomed T H WHITE Machinery Imports as a new exhibitor this year.

Representing high quality professional equipment from Ferris, Wright, Spider and Jensen, the Machine Imports team was keen to showcase the benefits of this blue-chip machinery for golf and sports clubs. Typically the customer base for these brands includes contractors, local authorities, public parks and private estates, but strong interest at the show proved that many greenkeepers are also keen to learn more.

Ferris mowers were a particular focus of interest, including the new hydrostatic, pedestrian FW15 mower and the compact 400S, ideal for maintaining ground below trees and between obstacles around the edges of golf courses and sports fields. 

Although most sport and recreation areas are typically level and even, the wider site often includes decorative hillocks, steep grassy banks or water features. It is in these locations that the remote-controlled Spider slope mowers excel. Featuring lightweight, compact construction with 4-wheel drive, Spider mowers can be controlled safely from a distance while cutting on slopes up to 55 degrees.

The new Spider Cross-Liner also received a lot of attention, with it’s low ground weight, terrain-following chassis and high-quality mulching deck lending itself nicely to grounds maintenance on sports pitches and golf courses alike.

These days many clubs are having to operate on leaner budgets for large purchases such as grounds maintenance machinery, so getting the best value for money is imperative, something that characterises Ferris mowers. With a Ferris you will experience some of the most productive mowing speeds in the industry, patented suspension and hard-wearing components. A Ferris will provide a longer machine life and more comfortable ride with easy-to-service parts requiring less maintenance.

When it comes to woodchipping, Jensen chippers remove much of the effort required when maintaining trees and shrubs. Jensen chippers are recognised as the most durable and powerful woodchippers on the market with lifespans reaching upward of 20 years, providing exceptional value for money with high performance.

Exhibitions such as BTME provide a great opportunity to meet with customers and dealers from across the country, sharing industry knowledge and showcasing a wealth of products that can make sports ground maintenance easier, more efficient, safer and more eco-friendly. 

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