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by T H WHITE on July 1, 2017

One of the things we enjoy most about compiling White’s World is the opportunity to meet and interview so many of our customers. Reflecting the diversity of our business, they operate in many different sectors, but it’s remarkable how often we end up talking about leisure pursuits.

Since T H WHITE became an Ifor Williams Trailers dealer in 2009 we have been aware just how many of our customers keep horses and are active in equestrian events. Ifor Williams horsebox trailers – especially the latest Eventa model with integrated accommodation – have proved immensely popular, but many other customers are also passionate about motor sport, classic cars and motorcycles.

Traditionally cars and bikes have been transported to shows and events on flatbed or tilt-bed trailers, but people who previously owned a classic car just for the enjoyment of it can now often find they own an asset of considerable value. It is with this in mind, as well as considering the needs of motor sport enthusiasts who often need to work on their vehicles at a circuit etc, that Ifor Williams has come up with the ‘Transporta’, a beautifully thought-out enclosed trailer.

Transporta towing on racetrack

Not only will this trailer protect a car or bike from the elements during transit as well as keeping it secure, but it can be configured as a mobile workshop and maintenance bay, making it ideal for small racing teams.

The rear door of the standard model folds down to become a loading ramp, but a tilt-bed model featuring a hydraulic tilting draw-bar is also available to make loading even easier. For vehicles with low ground clearance an optional pair of ramp skid extenders are available.

A very useful option is the electrically operated winch which can pull the vehicle on board rather than it having to be driven in. This has a sliding bracket to allow the whole assembly to move from side to side, thus accommodating variations in the vehicle towing eye position. Side track restraints with lashing holes every 60mm mean that it’s easy to restrain vehicles securely once loaded and Ifor Williams offers soft link adjustable wheel straps for the purpose. These can be used in conjunction with the adjustable wheel-stop kit which provides accurate repeatable positioning for a variety of vehicles to ensure optimal weight distribution. Large doors on either side of the trailer give easy access for working on or restraining the vehicle. An optional adjustable tyre rack or hinged workbench with tyre rack can be fitted to make the Transporta into a useful workshop, while storage cabinets are designed to carry jerry cans or other equipment.

Like all Ifor Williams trailers, the Transporta is built to last, using galvanised steel construction which provides unbeatable corrosion protection. The Transporta also features an exclusive beam axle and a leaf spring suspension system which has been developed for a safe and stable ride. Similar systems are widely used on commercial vehicles, where performance under load is essential. Known for its durability and ease of maintenance, the Ifor Williams beam axle system contributes to the low depreciation of these trailers.

As a finishing touch, for Williams can apply bespoke vinyls to the Transporta’s exterior panels, branding for teams or motor businesses. For all the details of the Transporta and all other for Williams trailers contact our Trailer Centres at Reading on 0118 976 0088, Frome on 01373 465941, and now Stockbridge on 01264 811260.


Many customers visiting our new Stockbridge branch have asked whether Ifor Williams trailers are available there, so we now have a small selection of trailers on display together with literature, technicians who can carry out servicing and repairs and a stock of parts. You can contact the Stockbridge branch on 01264 811260.

All content is correct at the time of publishing. Specific product availability, special offers and the provision of services are subject to change and withdrawal at any time.

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