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150 years for Pöttinger

by T H WHITE on January 26, 2022

Pöttinger, one of T H WHITE’s key agricultural suppliers, has been celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Franz Pöttinger established his business in 1871 in a small workshop in Grieskirchen, Austria, and from small beginnings has grown todays’ company of more than 2,000 employees with an annual turnover of 405 million Euros. Pöttinger now has four production plants in three countries and is active worldwide.

One constant throughout Pöttinger’s history has been the commitment to quality, values and the people who have made the company what it is. The evidence of this is in its outstanding range of equipment, embracing everything from mowers, balers, and rakes to ploughs, harrows and seed drills.

You can explore the entire Pöttinger range HERE and request a demo of their implements from any of our T H WHITE ProAgri specialists HERE.

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T H WHITE150 years for Pöttinger