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W L Collins & Son: “Pocket Rocket” Manitou MLT635

by T H WHITE on April 11, 2024

At W L Collins & Son, farming is more than just a way of life; it’s a legacy that has been nurtured for generations. With a century-long relationship with T H WHITE, this family-owned farm in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside is a testament to the enduring spirit of farming. We had the pleasure of speaking to Tom Collins, partner of this diverse agricultural enterprise.

From Traditional Roots to Diverse Endeavors

W L Collins & Son, situated in the idyllic Wiltshire countryside, has continually evolved to meet the demands of modern agriculture. What began as a modest family farm has diversified into a thriving mixed enterprise that encompasses, arable farming, pig farming, cattle rearing, a children’s nursery school, office and cottage lets.

Amid this dynamic landscape, the Manitou telehandlers supplied by T H WHITE have become integral to daily operations. The farm currently owns and operates three Manitou telehandlers, all of which were acquired from long time partner, T H WHITE. Among these, the Manitou MLT635 telehandler shines as the farm’s main workhorse.

The MLT635: A Pocket Rocket Powerhouse

Described as a “pocket rocket” and “powerhouse of a machine” by Tom himself, the Manitou MLT635 offers a combination of power and versatility thanks to a 130HP engine and compact dimensions. The MLT635 is a versatile tool used for a wide range of applications. Its agility and great 360 degree visibility allow it to navigate tight spaces, ideal for use within older farm buildings, simplifying tasks like mucking out cattle sheds.

The 3.5 ton lift capacity and 6 meter reach of the MLT635 however, makes stacking straw, loading grain lorries and conducting maintenance tasks around the farm a breeze. Tom emphasizes that the MLT635 “can turn its hand to any application we need it for,” a testament to its adaptability and reliability.

A Partner in T H WHITE

With a century old partnership, Tom emphasizes the exceptional support provided by T H WHITE. The level of dedication and assistance is a rare find in the modern business landscape.

Tom goes on to say, “The Manitou telehandlers are really well-built, and we have a great relationship with T H WHITE, including fitter Doug.” This relationship has not only stood the test of time but continues to grow stronger, year after year.

Comfort and Refinement: A Manitou Difference

Having experienced other telehandler brands in the past, Tom made the switch to Manitou and never looked back. He appreciates the comfort and refinement offered by Manitou cabs, which he finds superior to other brands. This comfort ensures that long hours of work are more manageable, contributing to the overall productivity and well-being on the farm.

The Heart of the Farm

For W L Collins & Son, the Manitou MLT635 telehandler isn’t just a telehandler; it’s the heart of the farm. It’s a machine that consistently delivers in a variety of applications, making it a cornerstone of their daily operations. Tom rightly points out that, “It’s uncommon to find modern farms operating without a modern telehandler. It’s the one machine that can turn its hand to almost anything.”

Their story is a testament to the enduring power of partnership with T H WHITE and the exceptional performance of Manitou telehandlers.

Demo a Manitou powerhouse with T H WHITE here.

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T H WHITEW L Collins & Son: “Pocket Rocket” Manitou MLT635

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