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Compact, new Spider mower capable of 55° to launch at SALTEX

by Kate Draper on October 18, 2018

The name Spider is synonymous in the sector for innovative, industry-leading machinery that combats even the most challenging terrain.
Designed and built at high-tech premises in the Czech Republic by the team at Dvorak, Spider slope mowers are the only remote-controlled, robotic mowers in the world that offer zero-turn capability to cut grass on slopes up to 55 degrees.

Now, the Spider team from the Czech Republic and the UK distributor T H WHITE Machinery Imports are excited to unveil a brand-new slope mower, launching at SALTEX at the end of October on stand H190.

The new Spider X Line is their smallest commercial machine to date, offering a compact profile with huge performance.
The X Line includes all the benefits of a larger Spider slope mower in a 1m3 sized machine, enabling users to get the very best performance while being able to transport the mower easily on a trailer or in the back of van.

With an integrated winch, until now only seen on the larger Spider mowers, the X Line is capable of mowing slopes up to 55° – that’s 17° more than the worlds steepest ski slope, Harakiri in Austria – which boasts an eyewatering 38° pitch!

With an incline as steep as that, there is naturally great concern in mowing grass with an operator using a ride-on or pedestrian mower, or strimmer. This is where the Spider X Line will excel, remote-controlled from a distance to ensure complete operator safety. The remote control also removes the operator from the working area of the mower, away from noise and vibration, meaning there is no limit on safe use considering HAVs, WBVs and Noise.

Not only that, the X Line can mow at speeds of up to 6 km/h with a 65cm mulch cutting deck, meaning you can cut more grass in less time. The unique wheel stowage design enables the incorporation of a specially designed terrain-following mowing deck, giving you a consistent, high quality cut on the most uneven turf.

In fact, the X Line has a cutting capacity equivalent to 3 operatives with brush cutters, meaning that not only is the job completed faster and more efficiently, but it also allows for operatives to be redeployed to other tasks while one person controls the Spider.

Unique to Spider is the ‘Dancing Step’ drive system, which enables the X Line to move with zero turn capability. This is supremely useful when mowing around obstacles or when coming up against boundaries, saving time on each turn compared to other robotic mowers.

Finally, in addition to its powerful Honda GXV390 10.2hp petrol engine, the X Line boasts a lightweight chassis and four-wheel drive, giving it exceptional traction with gentle treatment of turf even in wet or soft conditions and eliminating erosion on slopes.

In addition to exceptional performance on slopes and inclines, Spider mowers are proven to excel in other unsafe or challenging environments across the UK, including airports, motorway and railway verges, lakes and riverbanks, around reservoirs, powerplants and solar farms, orchards and vineyards and in military facilities.

Machinery Imports Director, Tim Lane, is looking forward to showcasing the new X Line at SALTEX ahead of it’s release to the market in 2019.
“This is an exciting time for Spider and Machinery Imports, and we are pleased to launch a new commercial mower to the industry for 2019. The X Line is a true all-round robotic mower, offering features that are unrivalled in the market at the moment and the ability to outperform its competitors on sloping and even ground. We’re looking forward to demonstrating the X Line in the New Year to interested customers and working with our extensive dealer network to promote this innovative machine.”

As part of the Machinery Imports stand at SALTEX this year, the Spider X Line will be proudly displayed for visitors to find out more about it and see the innovation for themselves. We welcome all visitors to the event to see us at stand H190 to learn more.

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Kate DraperCompact, new Spider mower capable of 55° to launch at SALTEX