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by T H WHITE on December 7, 2016

Spider – often termed the ‘safest mower on the market’ – is now being distributed in the UK and Republic of Ireland exclusively by T H WHITE Machinery Imports.

Specially developed for mowing in challenging, high slope environments, Spider remote-control mowers were previously distributed in the UK through Jacobsen on behalf of manufacturers Dvorak. Now, Spider has been added to the impressive line-up of outstanding niche products for the professional groundcare market from T H WHITE Machinery Imports.

Spider slope mowers are perfect for a wide range of applications involving steep, uneven or sometimes dangerous terrain. The machines are ideal for canal paths, airfields, reservoirs, landfill sites, motorways and railway embankments, brush clearance, cemeteries, golf courses, national heritage sites and more.

Operators can maintain a safe distance from any dangers and these lightweight machines are able to operate on inclines of up to 40 degrees. Add the integrated hydraulic winch and this increases to a market-leading 55 degrees. The two standard models are the Spider ILD 01 and Spider ILD 02. Both feature patented 360 degree unlimited steering, forward and reverse 4-wheel-drive, an integral mulching kit, low fuel consumption and fantastic manoeuvrability. These units are also compact and easily loaded into vans for transportation.

The remote control technology can operate from a safe viewing distance of 150 feet and a Spider can tackle grass as thick as two inches. Spider also offers a third semi-commercial model – the Mini, giving mower hobbyists the chance to try out this technology in large gardens and on private estates.

The Spider ILD 02 can be purchased with an optional snow plough, further extending its applications. These safety and comfort features are complemented with nonaggressive treatment of the grass, resulting in a quality cut. This new brand will further strengthen T H WHITE’s offering to the groundcare dealer network and will be managed from our Stockbridge branch.

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