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Protecting Precious Possessions with Ajax Intrusion Protection

by T H WHITE on November 13, 2023



A museum set in a Grade I listed manor house, featuring various collections where visitors can explore room sets that recreate periods of history.

With items of historic relevance, importance and value, it was imperative that the museum, whilst openly displaying these items to the public, also ensure their safety and security so that they can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.

For that reason, the team at the Museum conducted an initial audit and contacted T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security for advice.  Our team had just finished installing a complete wireless fire safety system at the museum and were asked to upgrade and improve the existing security system.  Observing the requirements from the museum’s insurers, our security specialists utilised wireless technology to protect the Grade I listed building, the collections and room displays, and extend coverage across the Main House and multiple ancillary buildings. A future-proof and easily manageable system was key to the museum’s requirements.

Ryan Long, Business Development Manager at T H WHITE EFS stated that:

“Ajax was identified fairly quickly in the discovery phase as the preferred supplier for this solution.  Their technology provided the best option for the museum due to the impressive wireless range that would ensure coverage for the whole site. It also provided a mobile and desktop user-friendly app that can easily be used to oversee the entire site security.”

The bespoke nature of the design and the range of devices that Ajax was able to offer, encompassing detectors used i.e. camera PIRs and curtain PIRs, contacts, various data hubs, sounders and VHF bridges meant that this one system could cater for the complete needs of the customer in this historic building.



  • Cabinet displays are now protected thanks to a number of curtain PIRs discreetly positioned for maximum protection whilst not hindering the visibility of the display.
  • Additional curtain PIRs have been added to many of the rooms allowing the historical scene to be fenced off and kept secure whilst open to the public.
  • Standard PIRs were added to all exhibition halls.
  • In areas requiring a higher level of security the use of Motion PIRs, Camera PIRs and Curtain PIRs have been installed to ensure maximum security at all times.

  • Contacts have been added to other glass displays to ensure that the cabinets remain closed and the items are secure.
  • Installation of wireless Internet bridges to allow the gardener’s yard to have Internet and to connect the REX to the customer’s Internet without running a cable across the site.


  • Buildings are also fitted with external warning sirens.


  • This is an Ajax Rex 2 (expansion module) hub connected via ethernet as well using Ajax’s proprietary Jeweller and Wings signal. These can be fitted in areas such as the basement, as they increase the wireless range while having a number of devices connected directly to it.

  • An Ajax Keypad plus has been installed to allow staff the ability to disable the alarm system on entry into buildings.

The Museum staff were very complimentary and satisfied with the overall installation explaining:

“The Ajax impressive wireless range meant we didn’t have to run cables which would have been difficult in a Grade I listed building. Using wireless technologies and the site’s ethernet connections a full bespoke package was created which no other manufacturer could match. The addition of a mobile app meant the site’s Estates Team could receive alerts and respond to events effectively and with high accuracy. “

And when asked what they liked about the products now that they have had time to use it, they said:

“They are very simple to use, and the app makes the security of the site easily manageable. At a simple glance, we can now see what systems are armed, disarmed, receive fault alerts, device alerts, and alarm activations. The app tells you which device has been activated for quick response. And the fact that we doubled up on the number of devices installed and still didn’t have to run cables around the site to ensure full coverage is exactly what we wanted.”


  • Collections are now protected beyond just buildings.
  • A wireless system utilising ethernet cabling has helped to preserve the Grade I listed building resulting in an end-to-end highly secure wireless system.
  • The network is now extendable as new devices can easily be added to any building.
  • Cellular, IP and Wi-Fi hubs ensure continuous coverage for Grade 3 monitoring with BT Redcare.
  • It’s a quick and easy ‘at a glance’ to check the status of the system for all users.
  • Automated system updates, notifications, and error reporting at our fingertips.

If you are considering installing fire, Intruder, surveillance, or access systems, particularly in a sensitive environment, talk to our specialists today on 01380 726656 or visit our website.

T H WHITEProtecting Precious Possessions with Ajax Intrusion Protection