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Make your ploughing smart

by T H WHITE on January 26, 2022

Imagine going out ploughing and being able to control everything directly from the tractor cab – working width, offset, working depth and levelling etc. – without having to make any adjustments directly on the plough. Well, that’s the Smart Ploughing system that has been developed by Kuhn.

At the heart of Smart Ploughing is the Isobus management system for VARI-MASTER L mounted ploughs. All adjustments are performed from the Isobus terminal, and these can be saved for future use. The system delivers a massive improvement in driving comfort for the operator, particularly in headland tuns where the plough turns over automatically at the end of the field.

Adjustments can also be made in real time, while you are working. The Smart Ploughing ‘LINE’ function makes it possible for working-width adjustments to be made by GPS. It’s an option that ensures uniform ploughing, even on an irregular plot, while correcting the curves in the plot and producing perfectly straight ploughing lines.

The Smart Ploughing ‘LIFT’ feature also provides automated individual lift of the plough bodies. The plough’s geo-tracking system enables auto furrow entry and exit so that output is uniform and repeatable in any conditions and on plot shape. Overlapping is greatly reduced at the end of the field which improves residue burial and reduces soil compaction at headlands.

It’s quite remarkable to watch in action – just take a look at this short video:

If you are ready to turn this new page in the history of ploughing speak to your T H WHITE rep or request a demo HERE.

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