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by T H WHITE on June 1, 2020

Jensen – the original woodchipper manufacturer – has earned quite a reputation with its powerful and popular best-selling A540 chipper. With the environment in mind, that successful formula has been further developed to produce the A550 chipper which now combines even more power and capacity with lower emissions.

Powered by a 27.7kW Yanmar Stage V common rail diesel engine, the new Jensen benefits from a power hike over the 18.5kW engine of the A540 while producing lower emissions. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) reduces pollutants even further.

Productivity is improved too, thanks to a larger in-feed aperture and a more aggressive upper feed roller. With a 200mm capacity, throughput has been increased from 15m3 per hour to 18m3 per hour.

Ease of use and maintenance has been a key factor in the design on the A550 and a completely redesigned engine cover tips out of the way to facilitate easy access to all the main components and wearing parts. A central greasing point and automatic V-belt tensioner keep maintenance to a minimum, while the Power Control system and ECS (Electronic Controlled Sensor) infeed system make the machine simple and safe for the operator. The outlet chute is rotatable through 360 degrees for precise placement of clippings.

For durability the twin horizontal infeed rollers are made entirely of steel; they can be ground if required and their weight prevents the feed rollers from slipping on the bio material. The whole machine is built on a galvanised chassis.

Like every Jensen machine, the A550 is built precisely to the customer’s specification and carries a three-year warranty as standard, with a guarantee that spare parts will be kept available for a minimum of 10 years.

It’s so new that the Jensen A550 isn’t yet in the Jensen UK 2020 price list, but it’s very much available to order now. For more details and the latest pricing contact Jensen UK Business Manager Bill Johnston on 07850 384530 or 01264 811260. You can also request a demonstration by visiting jensenchippers.co.uk.

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