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by T H WHITE on July 1, 2020

A 22 per cent increase in bale density, a 29-knife CropCutter™ system and the unique SmartShift™ gearbox – winner of the Agritechnica silver medal – make New Holland’s BigBaler 1290 High Density the most efficient large square baler in its segment.

Denser bales significantly reduce transport and handling costs, increasing profitability. The new MaxiSweep™ pick-up feeds crop into the large 4.05-metre baling chamber at higher rates, where the high-energy plunger achieves as much as 58 per cent more force than previous ‘Plus’ baler models. Because the compression process is controlled by a clever hydraulic system full bale density is achieved within the first bales, even when starting up with an empty bale chamber.

The SmartShift™ gearbox delivers a soft start-up, contributing to greater operator comfort as well as overload protection for the tractor’s driveline. Smooth operation is also enhanced by a heavy 1080mm diameter flywheel which maintains a maximum flywheel speed of 1,440 rpm at full tractor PTO speed.

Patented Loop Master™ knotting technology uses a loop-style second knot to deliver up to 26 per cent more tensile strength – best-in-class solid binding which produces plastic-free forage and protects the environment by eliminating twine offcuts.

The 2.35-metre MaxiSweep™ pick-up is perfect for the widest swaths left by today’s high-capacity combines, making the BigBaler 1290 High Density ideal for large scale farming where there is a lot of ground to cover, or for contracting. The new baler too with a heavy-duty frame designed to manage higher density loads and a new gearbox mounting. The low cost of ownership resulting from a long life, plus increased productivity and efficiency means greater profitability.

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