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ELiTE greens for 2022

by T H WHITE on January 26, 2022

What is it that golfers notice most about the environment on the golf course? Ten to one it’s going to be the quality of the greens where the majority of shots in a typical round take place. High quality groundcare on the greens is often the factor that makes the difference between a mediocre golf course and an outstanding one, and at T H WHITE we have the tools to help you achieve the perfect finish on your course in 2022.

Jacobsen greens mowers have long been a go-to choice for professionals and in recent years the range-topping Eclipse 360 ELiTE has set new standards. Powered by a lithium-ion battery and using advanced technologies it features a hydraulic-free design (no hydraulic oil) and is the quietest, greenest ride-on reel mower for your turf. It also offers Jacobsen’s highest quality of cut with a great reel selection and a unique swing-out centre cutting unit for ease of service. A single charge will power it through cutting 22 large greens and its 63″ cutting width is matched by a cutting height between 1.6mm and 11.1mm.

Enhancing the ease of operation on ELiTE models are fully programmable controls, including frequency of cut controls and individual reel lift lower controls to reduce triplex ring from the golf green clean-up pass.

All the technological features and cut quality of the Eclipse 360 ELiTE are also available from the Eclipse 360 Hybrid diesel or petrol electric reel mower – essentially the same mower but with a petrol or diesel engine powering a generator which delivers power to the electric drive and reel motors.

Where robust design and ease of maintenance is paramount the Jacobsen GP400 diesel mower is a great alternative, Built to last with bullet proof engineering, this ride-on machine has a swing-out centre reel like the ECLiPSE and also has Jacobsen’s largest selection of blades.

Jacobsen mowers for all worldwide markets are now manufactured at the Ransomes Jacobsen plant in Ipswich which has been in business for 188 years.

For more general work around the course take a look at the Ventrac 4520 compact tractor. As well as being light on the land and nimble over contours it has more than 30 front-mounted attachments which can make it virtually whatever you want it to be – a contour mower, rough brush cutter, flail mower, finish mower, aerator, leaf blower, snow clearer and much more… It could be the most versatile machine you’ve ever seen.

And don’t forget Wiedenmann’s Terra Spike, for aeration up to 40cm deep.

T H WHITE Groundcare has all these items and more to help you get your course looking its best for this season when many golfers will be returning to the links. For a one-to-one look at these machines talk to your T H WHITE rep, or request a demo HERE.

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T H WHITEELiTE greens for 2022