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Doosan excavators surpass Stage V regulations

by T H WHITE on January 31, 2022

Power, economy and rugged reliability are all highly important when choosing an excavator and the Doosan DX140LC-7 features all these qualities in spades. But now there’s an added factor to consider for future-proofing your plant – emissions.

While the industry is generally moving to Stage V engines, Doosan has taken the process even further without any detriment to performance. Doosan’s new D34 4-cylinder Stage V diesel engine not only delivers 87.2 kW (117hp) at 2000rpm, but it exceeds Stage V regulations without Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). That boosts the quantity of air available during combustion, increasing the temperature of the process and greatly reducing the amount of particulates produced. The enhanced fuel efficiency of the D34 engine in combination with a new hydraulic main valve and the new generation SPC3 Smart Power Controls, provides significant fuel savings.

The Doosan DX140LCR-7 is a reduced tail swing model.

The 14.6 tonne DX140LC-7 is the standard model, while the DX140LCR-7 is a reduced tail swing model, allowing operators greater flexibility where space is at a premium without sacrificing performance. The DX140LCR-7 also has a new counterweight design that not only enhances service accessibility but also offers the best equilibrium possible between reduced swing radius and stability. In fact, it’s one of the shortest swing radiuses in the market with the stability of a conventional excavator.

The Doosan DX225LC=7 23 tonne crawler model.

If you need a really beefy machine you can lift your business to the next level with the new DX225LC-7 23 tonne crawler model. This is the first Doosan excavator of this size to feature Doosan’s innovative D-ECOPOWER virtual bleed off (VBO) technology, providing operators with higher productivity and around 7% lower fuel consumption per hour than the previous Stage IV model, as well as smoother controls. Take a peek at it in this video:

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