Pensions Contributions During Covid Crisis – Under 2 years Employment

Pension Contributions during COVID-19 Crisis for staff with less than 2 years of service

    I wish to reduce my pension contribution level during the Covid-19 crisis to :

    I understand that if I request to make a personal contribution of less than 5% the combined employee and employer contributions will now be below the statutory minimum auto enrolment combined contribution level of 8%, and I hereby request to temporarily pay contributions below the minimum auto enrolment level to facilitate my request.

    I understand the Company will still make a contribution at the statutory employer auto enrolment level of 3%.

    I understand that the Company will contact me at the appropriate time to review the situation.

    If I am making pension contributions via salary sacrifice: I understand a request to change to my pension contribution level will represent a change to my contract of employment terms regarding salary sacrificed contributions.

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    Chris BrownPensions Contributions During Covid Crisis – Under 2 years Employment