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by T H WHITE on August 1, 2020

The increasing availability and affordability of electric vehicles raises many questions for individuals and businesses wishing to adopt the new technology. 

Key among these is the question of charging points and the cost of their installation. As a professional installer of EV charge points for commercial, workplace and domestic users, 

T H WHITE Energy, Fire and Security has simplified the process of choosing the right type of installation and gaining a clear idea of costs with an online calculator.

For domestic installations the calculator guides the customer through a number of choices including location,  whether a wall or post-mounted charger is required, whether any ground works (trenching and making good) are needed and the length of the cable run. After selecting the brand and style of charge point you can submit your choices and the system will instantly calculate a guide price. If the installation qualifies for an OLEV grant subsidy, that will automatically be deducted from the quoted cost.

For commercial installations the calculator looks at two typical examples – a 7kW dual socket wall charger installed for the benefit of members at a Gloucestershire golf club and a 22kW dual socket fast post charger with 3m of trenching in a Surrey supermarket car park.

For workplace installations guide costings are provided for socket post chargers in a head office car park and a dual socket charger for a small business premises.

The final price will depend on factors such as the number and make of chargers, location of the install and ease of connectivity. We understand that installations can present unique challenges so to make sure that you get the most economic solution you can go into more detail by calling our team on 01380 726656, or by or completing our online survey form.

To support your installation we can provide ongoing maintenance, including back office analytics for commercial installations. Try the calculator by going to our website, efs.thwhite.co.uk, where you will find all the details.

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