T H WHITE Mental Health Programme

Mental Health Programme

Mental Health is the state of your psychological and emotional wellbeing. We all have Mental Health – some good, some poor, and most of us will at times fluctuate between the two.  Mental Health as a topic is so important as mental health issues are common and negative mental health is debilitating.

One in four people experience some form of mental health issue in the course of a year which can impact physical health, relationships and the ability to work.  Good mental health allows individuals to succeed in these areas.

T H WHITE cares about its employees and recognises that their mental health and wellbeing should be given the same care and attention as any physical problem.  As a caring and responsible employer, the Company offers support to its employees before a minor issue becomes something more serious by directing people to the right kind of help.  This in turn promotes a health and happy workforce; key to achieving a successful business environment.

Support for your Mental Health

Across our Group of businesses, there are a  number of accredited Mental Health Supporters, trained by accredited Mental Health First Aid UK.  They are here to help staff with all levels of mental health concern and their contact details are readily accessible on Mental Health notice boards in our branch locations, or in our Mental Health resources library.

So whatever your challenges, as a T H WHITE employee, support is at hand.