T H WHITE Group rebrand

In October 2015 T H WHITE Group went through a complete re-branding exercise, moving away from the traditional T H WHITE ’roundell’ logos and towards a more modern future.

Our rebrand began the journey to prove that we can achieve more as one organisation T H WHITE Group, for us and for our customers.

We worked as a group with our customers and our suppliers to define the T H WHITE Group brand, what we stand for, how it feels to do business with us and what the real benefits are to our customers.

At T H WHITE we believe we look at things differently. We use our ingenuity to answer the needs of our customers, our suppliers and each other while being as resourceful as possible. This way of working is visualised in our logo by illustrating a single sheet of metal to make each letter. We work with metal in one form or another in all that we do – we repair, service and sell machinery, we fabricate solutions and we install equipment and components. The combination of a metal effect illustration and a GROUP or BUSINESS wordmark forms our new logos.

We also make use of the folded metal graphic within our advertising and literature, as a way to add impact and visual interest to a page, using either our divisional colours or full bleed images and photos to accompany the text.

Old T H WHITE Group branding

New T H WHITE Group branding

For more information on the branding, logos and design for T H WHITE Group and our divisions, please contact our Marketing Department on brand@thwhite.co.uk.

T H WHITEGroup rebrand